FACING THE THREAT: Protect your people, property and reputation in a new age for counter-terrorism

We hosted a breakfast seminar in London this summer to discuss how businesses can prepare for a terrorist attack. The seminar brought together the police and professional security services to discuss the main issues facing London as a major global city, its citizens and the companies who operate here. Read about this seminar and the findings below.

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October, 2017  I  Author: Frank Armstrong QPM

How prepared are you to protect your people and property in a new age of counter-terrorism?


The nature of the terrorism threat in the UK has evolved, and the challenge for businesses is to keep pace with this change without affecting commercial and operational performance.

For companies, keeping customers and employees safe at all times must be the number one priority. Often this is about achieving peace of mind for organisations and their people. Business has to continue but we need to be reassured that if the alert comes, we are ready to deal with it and that the protection of individuals is paramount in the planning process.



The recent terrorist attacks in London and Manchester – and across the world – have brought the terrorism threat to the front of our minds. Crucially, they have highlighted the need to be prepared, not just in our daily lives but in the business world too. But where do we start?

We have published this report following our counter-terrorism seminar to offer readers insight on how businesses can prepare for an attack. This may not be a topic you want to talk about or a plan you want to put in place but the reality is, that to protect our people, customers and business, we must plan and prepare. Equally, we must recover and continue operating. Consideration must also be given to protecting a business’ reputation if it’s found to be linked to an attack, either by its people or assets.







  • Step-by-step guide

    Detailing the steps businesses should go through to ensure they are prepared for an attack