Control room

Our global communications hub operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, monitoring and controlling our customers CCTV, access and intercom systems as well as managing incidents and emergencies.

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Always on alert.

Our London-based Planning and Contingency Centre (PCC) is our global control room, and communications and incident management hub. Operating 24 hours a day, every day our PCC monitors and controls our customers CCTV, access and intercom systems, manages incidents and emergencies, maintains direct communication links with law enforcement and emergency services, monitors live news feeds from media outlets, and manages our keyholding and response services.

Fully equipped with state of the art technology, our PCC is ready to respond to any emergency or situation. Our dedicated PCC team is specifically trained to monitor and manage all customer services delivered out of this hub. And they are fully trained in response tactics to ensure they manage any incident effectively and professionally.