Case Studies

Take a look at how we have become the leading authority in security across London. In the interest of keeping our customers' reputations secure we haven’t disclosed their names.

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Delivering 24-hour security services every day across 80 hectares.

Supporting film production and public engagement.


Our customer is one of the world’s foremost entertainment companies. Its principal UK film studios are located on the outskirts of London, covering 80 hectares. The studios host an average of four major film productions each year, as well as special events and a number of smaller scale productions, such as commercials and music videos. In addition to this, the studios host a public attraction themed around one of its major film franchises, which attracts an average of 6,500 visitors each day.

Knightsbridge has been delivering security solutions across the site since 2011 including both public and private areas of the studios, as well as two additional locations in London dedicated to archiving and post-production work.

Due to the sensitive environments across the studios, Knightsbridge delivers 24-hour protection every day through its dedicated 24-strong security team. Covering more than 20 buildings, the team deliver manned guarding and patrolling, access control services, reception and out of hours switchboard support, first aid services, delivery and visitor management, vehicle checks, fire system and alarm management and car park management. Knightsbridge also provides dog handlers and production assistants to support during individual productions.

Flexibility and cross-skilling is key to the success of this relationship. With the diversity of employees and visitors coming into the studios each day, the security team must be able to effectively deal with VIP’s, visitors with limited English and children alike, as well as the press, ensuring each person feels welcome and safe.

Despite the growth across the studios and the addition of the high-profiled public attraction, Knightsbridge has maintained the high level of security delivery without increasing the team. This was achieved by embracing new technologies to improve service delivery across the account while maintaining cost savings for the customer. For example, CCTV vests and a QR codes compliment existing systems to ensure the protection and safety of each person across the location.

Sustainability is also a key focus on the account. The team has seen a 40% reduction in paper use. And is investing in the professional development of its people, namely a   Master’s degree in Organisational Resilience currently being completed by its contract manager. This includes business continuity management, crisis and emergency management and civil protection, all of which enhance the standard of service delivered to the customer.

The success of this relationship is evident in the internal recognition awards the customer has presented to four Knightsbridge employees. And as the relationship strengthens, Knightsbridge will continue to embrace technology, innovation and sustainability to deliver as smarter, more intelligent security solution for this customer.



Supporting over 50 tenants across 37 floors in the City of London.

An innovative service model that flexes with tenant needs.


Built in 2007 and standing 230 meters tall, this prestigious tower located in the City of London includes 37 floors and accommodates bankers, traders and insurers as well as restaurants and bars. The tower is also a hot spot for high-class events as well as television shows and movie sets.

Managed by a global property management company, the tower is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and sees up to 700 visitors daily across its 50 individual tenants.

The property manager first engaged Knightsbridge during construction in 2007 to deliver security services. Our expertise in managing iconic tall buildings across London was key to securing this contract. Our partnership has since expanded to also include fire marshal and fire marshal training as well as back of house logistics.

Flexible service delivery is key to the success of this partnership. With 15 – 20% of tenants being international organisations operating outside of standard UK business hours, we are delivering an innovative service model that flexes with tenant needs. We developed our service delivery model following an analysis of building users. This identified traffic areas and peak times. We then implemented processes to deliver optimal support without inhibiting productivity or operations of tenants.

A tailored logistics booking system was introduced allowing tenants to schedule deliveries. We manage the receipt of each delivery at back of house and ensure the goods are efficiently delivered to the tenant. The booking system offers maximum control of all goods received, while ensuring safety through the knowledge of what is being delivered and when.

We also deliver fire marshal training to tenants to ensure they each have the necessary number of employees suitably trained as fire marshals. And during construction we worked with the tower’s management team to develop business continuity plans, building evacuation and personal emergency evacuation plans.  We also trained its onsite duty managers as Incident Commanders to ensure these plans are effectively followed during an incident or emergency.

From the first impression through to the lasting impression, the moment building users enter this tower they are welcomed and supported by Knightsbridge. And as our partnership with the property manager continues to strengthen, we are delivering security services to the adjacent development site – a 43-storey luxury hotel as well as residential properties.


An electronic security solution delivering a saving of over £175,000 per annum.

Electronic security supports traditional security guarding services.


Located in Soho in London’s vibrant West-end, this recently refurbished seven-storey commercial building offers over 61,000 square feet of office space, providing accommodation for media, corporate, professional and financial tenants.

By influencing the design and working with the architects during refurbishment stages, we installed 12 CCTV cameras, as well as alarms on the doors throughout the ground floor and reception. An IP (internet protocol) intercom unit was also installed which links directly to our 24/7 control room to offer more effective communications on a safer platform.

  • Invested £23,000
  • Reduced guarding hours from 366 hours to 50 hours per week
  • Delivered a financial saving of £175,000 per annum


An effective combination of security guarding and electronic security to save over £70,000.

Reducing customer costs with electronic security.


Located on Cannon Street within London’s business district, this prestigious commercial building comprises of seven levels with a floor space of over 28,500 square feet.

Knightsbridge provides an electronic security solution that not only protects the building’s exterior period facade and stylish interior, but also each tenant across the building. We installed nine IP (internet protocol) cameras and an access control system that is linked to our 24/7 control room. This enables us to remotely unlock doors, monitor intruder alarms and operate lifts.

We also work with an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) who provide analytics on the alarm to identify if it was a genuine alarm or false. False alarms can be caused by various factors, like rain or wind. ARC also provides recommendations of how to reduce the occurrence of false alarms.

  • Investment of £6,500 plus an annual £1,500 connection charge
  • Reduced manned guarding hours from 168 hours per week to 60 hours (Monday-Friday)
  • Delivered a financial saving of £70,390 per annum



Securing over 250,000 square feet of space across seven buildings, and supporting more than 2,400 people daily.

Consistent service delivery across two locations for a leading UK publisher.


Based in central London, this leading UK publisher of both print and digital content is confident it is protected by a flexible and tailored security solution. And as a division of one of the world’s leading media companies, protecting its brand and reputation is as important as protecting its people and assets.

Securing over 250,000 square feet of space across seven buildings, and supporting more than 2,400 employees and visitors daily, Knightsbridge is delivering its tailored security solution which includes  access control, patrols, CCTV monitoring, event security, reception support and first aid services.

Currently operating across two locations in Kings Cross and Fulham, consistent service delivery remains the focus across the agreement. Knightsbridge streamlined its control room services to operate from one central point. It implemented AEOS software to manage service delivery better - AEOS is the first software based security management platform which integrates services across one central platform, and is specifically tailored to the customers’ needs.

We have also been involved in the review of polices across security-related matters, and have created and implemented improved ways of working for enhanced efficiencies; such as better building access management, and an improved bicycle management system.

Our team also supports our customer during charity events and product launches. They currently provide in excess 300 hours of additional security support for building works and special events.